Contemporary Sacred Art at St Catherine's


Over the organ at St Catherine's there is a dynamic sculpture of Christ rising from the tomb, by the Jesuit priest and sculptor Father Rory Geoghegan SJ.


Father Rory says that the ideas for his sculptures have often come out of prayerful and challenging times in his own life.


"My purpose has been to appeal to people who spend time in prayerful reflection," he says. "I encourage people to spend time being with the sculptures."


Explore all sides of the piece. Wander around it. Make your time with it a time of discovery and personal enquiry.


You can click on the image thumbnail (below) to expand it.


Fr Rory's other scultures encompass biblical themes such as the 'Song of Songs' or 'Here is your King' (John 19, vv 13-15), the personification of Wisdom in 'Sophia' and a Pieta inspired after the events of 11 September 2001.  You can see images of his other works at